iPhone BLACKLIST Identifier for Worldwide


Service gives report for ALL Networks and is 99% accurate. Like UK, Sweden, France, Austria, ....

This Worldwide blacklist is useful for  UK Clean services.

Always check your IMEI, before order to the iCLoud FIX service or UK Clean services.

Sherbimi jep informacion per te gjithe Operatoret dhe eshte 99% i sakt. Operator si Anglia, Suedie, France, Austrie,...

Identifikimi per blacklist Worldwide eshte i nevojshem per sherbimin iCloud FIX dhe UK Clean.

Gjithmone kontrollojni IMEI para se te porosisni  UK Clean.


Delivery Time: 1-20 Minutes

Bulk Orders Allowed: No

Submit To Verify Allowed: No

Order Cancel Allowed: No

Service Type: Server

Order Type: IMEI

Order Processing: Automatic